Can I buy Viagra in Cancun without prescription?

Yes you can buy Viagra in Cancun without prescription no problem.

Can I bring the Viagra back to the United States?

Yes you can bring several packages at your luggage. There is no restriction in quantity, you can take 100 tablets back home.

Can I get Viagra in my resort pharmacy?

Many resorts in Cancun sell Viagra in their pharmacy, but will be very expensive.

Are there other Drugstores in Cancun where I can buy Viagra?

Yes, there are many in the Hotel Zone in Cancun, but very expensive too.

Do Walmart in Cancun sell Viagra and Cialis too?

Yes, you might find it at Walmart Cancun, but prices are high and don't have quaity generic.

Does Generic Viagra work the same?

Yes, Generic Viagra works great, as far as it is a good quality one like ours.

I am in Merida Yucatan, do you deliver here?

Yes, we have a supplier in Merida Yucatan, contact us for information

Is it safe to buy with here with cancunmedicines.com?

Yes, you don't have to make any payments until you get the product at your hotel.

Do I get free delivery to my hotel?

Yes, we have free delivery to all Cancun Hotels and Resorts.

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